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TLPC’s sole focus is to deliver on its promises and provide a service that meets every expectation of its Client.

We are motivated by Client Satisfaction and will therefore look at any property related project, no matter how big or small, and any role that can assist them in achieving their objective at any stage of a Development.

Development Management

TLPC is qualified to provide a complete delivery service whereby they would attend pre-purchase site inspections, undertake pre-purchase due diligence activities, offer advice / opinions on the viability of varying development concepts and prepare preliminary feasibility studies before going on to manage every facet of a development through to conclusion of a defects liability period, sale of the asset or handover of the asset to a Property Manager where an asset is being retained.

Procurement Management

There are many ways in which to select and engage a builder to deliver the building component of a development, each of which presents the Client with varying benefits and risks. Partnering with the right builder under the right form of contract is critical to the success of a development. Where a Client is comfortable managing all aspects of a project with the exception of procuring a builder, we offer our expertise to ensure that they get the right builder at the right price. Provision of Procurement Management Services extends to assistance wherever necessary, in administering the Contract.

Advice & Representation for High Net Worth Individuals

Opportunities often arise whereby individuals with a high net worth are invited to be involved in property developments requiring equity participation, in exchange for very lucrative returns. TLPC provides a representation service to these individuals who have limited property experience and time to assess, manage and monitor the deal. Whilst the Developer presenting the deal will be responsible for the typical Project Management duties required for delivery of the Project, TLPC offers the skills and expertise to monitor progress, assess accuracy of reporting and forecasting and perform duties of the equity partner as prescribed by the Development Agreement. This allows our Clients to enjoy the returns associated with such opportunities without having to expend time or energy educating themselves about property or administering a Development Agreement.

Project Management

The provision of Project Management Services is an all-encompassing role for the delivery of a development with the exception of acquisition and feasibility. As this covers an extensive range of duties, the definition is dependent on what phase of a Development a Client requires assistance. In the case of taking it through to completion, we would run and be responsible for all facets of the project and report against the Client’s feasibility or produce our own cost report based on the Client’s budget’s for reporting purposes.

Planning & Asset Repositioning

Planning and Asset repositioning comprises professional input, advise and opinions on development concepts together with management and coordination duties prior to commencement of construction. This service typically applies where a Client wishes to add value to their asset before on-selling to a third party to undertake the Development.

Development Assessment

This comprises the assessment of a Site, via TLPC’s own experience and consultation with other professionals within the property sector, to determine its highest and best use. Similarly this service includes the provision of peer reviews or assessment of an existing scheme on a site in comparison to what we would perceive to be its highest and best use, by producing and comparing financial models.

Feasibility Studies

The key subset of the Development Management service is the provision of feasibility studies that accurately identify and contemplate all commercial elements of a development in a model that ultimately determines the viability of a project. Whether or not a Client is pursuing a full Development Management Service or is looking to buy an asset and wants to test varying schemes for that site, TLPC has the skills, expertise and varying user friendly models to assist.

Tenancy Coordination

TLPC aim is to ensure the retail delivery process is as fluent as possible, from the initial design through to the successful trading of the retailers. TLPC is committed to act in a supporting role by assuring the continuity of liaison between the retailer and the Landlord from acceptance of offer through to the shop opening. We aim to deliver retail tenancies on time and hassle free for our clients. Our team has successfully dealt with a range of tenants, from the large national franchises through to the independent traders.


TLPC offers Superintendent services. The role of a superintendent is specifically defined under the contract. Responsibilities will vary from contract to contract. Generally the role of the Superintendent Is appointed by the Principal to act honestly, fairly and reasonably when giving instructions, Issuing certificates, and Making determinations.

The Superintendent’s role can be a complex one. It requires a sound understanding of the law of contract, substantial construction knowledge, and in particular, an understanding of the provisions of the particular project drivers. At TLPC we have a broad range of experience in this area, which we feel is integral when undertaking the role.